Monday, July 30, 2007


My oldest son, LilKat1, is a very nice boy. He's very kind and compassionate. It really bothers him when people are sad. Which makes playing games with him kind of funny. One time, I showed him how to play Candyland (which, by the way, is a horrible board game. If you have young kids and want to play games with them, there are many other good games out there like these that you can get instead). Well, I kind of stacked the deck a bit so that he would win. He was way ahead at one point and was about to win. He saw that my guy was way behind him. He looked at both of our guys and then turned to me and said 'I don't want to play anymore.' He didn't want to win by a lot and make me feel bad.


Zoom forward to this last weekend. I had just finished teaching Sunday School and the boys came up to see me. I was cleaning up a bit and the boys and a couple of friends of theirs were running around playing Tag. I mean, they're flying around the room in a circle at top speed. Mrs BigKat was talking with the other boys' parents. She was telling them about how LilKat1 loves Tag because he loves to be 'it'. He loves it that he is the center of attention and that all of the kids react to him when he gets near. In fact, he will pass up easy tag opportunities in order to stay 'it' for longer. The other parent said that her middle boy hates being 'it'. I think he normally plays with older kids and ends up staying 'it' the whole time because he can't catch anyone.


Well, all of a sudden, we hear crying in the other room. Sure enough, the boy that hates to be 'it', is now 'it'. And he's not happy about this at all. I look at LilKat1 and he's very concerned for his friend. So he gathers the other boys together and says 'Maybe we should play a game where we walk'. And then all of these boys start walking around the room in a line. They're playing Tag while walking so that the other boy won't have to be 'it' the whole time! It was too funny. And it made me happy to see my son caring about his friend's feelings.

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Tara said...

That is SO sweet!! G is also sweet like that - whenever he's playing with other kids, he makes sure everyone has a toy or a music instrument if we are in music class. So cute!