Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Soccer Team Meeting - Tonight!

LilKat1's soccer team is having a team meeting tonight. I'm going to get a chance to meet all of the kids and parents, so I'm looking forward to it. Like I said before, I really like the coaching philosophy that the soccer club has. I wonder if it could be applied to other sports. Could this be done with football? Could it be done with older kids? High school kids? I really didn't like football practices. They were really boring. We rarely did anything fun. I wonder if there are things that could be done to make football practices more fun. I could see a team running the Run and Shoot and doing all sorts of fun games to help their skill positions to get in synch. Or doing defense related games that help kids make quick reads and then react assertively. It would sure be a lot better than the boring stuff that we did. The only fun drills that we did were hitting drills, and those only lasted until someone got hurt. There's so much fun stuff to football that it seems like it should be taken advantage of. I imagine that it would certainly help kids to really build an enjoyment of the game.

One place where it would be helpful would be in conditioning. All of our conditioning was not fun at all. Why couldn't kids play a game of freeze tag or something for their conditioning? Have some competition built into the game to get the kids to really push themselves. Things like windsprints are hard work, but they're not very fun and they don't really correlate with real football-type actions. It seems like a good conditioning game would involve chasing, cutting, and falling.

One game that we learned at the coaches clinic was called 'Minnows and Sharks'. A few kids started out in the middle. These were the sharks. The minnows had to make it from one side to the other without being tagged. What if that was an open field tackling drill, where the sharks had to tackle the minnows? The minnows would get some good running in, and the sharks would be learning to tackle. Seems like a good idea to me. I wonder if anyone does this?

Or how about a game with different groups made up of a QB and some skill players. The QB's would have to distribute the ball to their receivers in a certain amount of time for points. All the groups would be playing at the same time, maybe with several balls on the field at once. There could be target zones spread out and the receivers would only score points if they caught the ball in the targets. So they'd have to be on the same page as the QB for determining which target to go to. Not exactly sure how it would work, but a lot more fun than just running 7 on 7 over and over. 7 on 7 is fun, but you only get one QB involved at a time and have a bunch of kids waiting. I don't know, I'm just throwing stuff out there...

Hmmm...this post didn't really end up being about my soccer meeting very much...Oh well...

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