Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Job

So last week, I started a new job. I had been working for my old company for a little over 6 years. It was a pretty good run. They let me work at home. I didn't have long hours. I always figured that at some point I'd have to get a 'real' job.

Well, looks like I may have been wrong! My old company was actually acquired. So now I'm pretty much doing the same stuff, but for a bigger company. It looks pretty good so far. I'm still working at home. I'm actually getting paid a bit more. And we have much better benefits (the BigKat's finally have dental plan! Woo Hoo!!!).

So we'll see how it goes. I get to go down and meet with all of the new people in a few weeks. If all goes well, I'll never have to get a real job ever again! Yay!

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