Saturday, June 21, 2008


For Mother's Day this year, I got Mrs. BigKat a new coffee maker. I had read about it on It's called the Aeropress by Aerobie.

Now I know what you're thinking. Aerobie? Isn't that a frisbee thing? Yep! If you go to the Aerobie website, they have 11 products. 9 of them are things that you can throw in the air, 1 is a yo-yo, and 1 is a coffee maker.

So why would anyone want to buy a coffee maker from a frisbee company? Well, because it makes really good coffee, that's why! It's a very simple machine. First you put the whole thing on top of your coffee cup. You put in a little filter, add ground coffee and hot water. Then you press this plunger on the top and it presses your coffee drink into your cup. You can drink it as is for an espresso-like beverage or add water for a more coffee-like drink. Cleanup is quite easy, you just rinse the thing off. And the coffee it makes is quite good! I couldn't taste any burnt, bitterness, or yuckiness that I normally associate with coffee.

I got Mrs. BigKat's from along with some extra filters (although the Aeropress itself comes with a few hundred filters already). She still uses her espresso machine and press pot. But if she wants to make a quick single cup of coffee, it's a good option for her. She's also been using it for her iced coffee drinks.

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