Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Number 51

Ok, just one more thing about My-Friend-Who-Lies.

51. In high school, he worked at Arby's. When you worked at Arby's, you got a free sandwich for lunch. Their biggest roast beef sandwich is called the Giant. So of course, MFWL would take one of those for his lunch. But apparently, it wasn't enough food for him. You know how you can order sandwiches with extra mustard or extra lettuce? He decided that he wanted his with an extra chicken patty. So his free sandwich was a Giant Roast Beef sandwich with a chicken patty.

Ok, fine. You talked me into it. Here are a some more:

52. He is notoriously cheap.
53. In college he agonized for weeks over whether or not he should buy a $4 paperback book. No matter where we went, the mall, the book store, the grocery store, if we saw Congo on a shelf, we had to listen to the whole 'Should I buy it? No, it costs $4. But maybe I should buy it...No, I shouldn't buy it...Should I buy it?' deal over and over again.
54. His car was hit by a tow truck and declared totaled by his insurer. But he still drives it around to save money.
55. He got it fixed by an uncle of a friend to save money too.
56. That uncle of a friend fixed parts of his car that he didn't want fixed.
57. That uncle of a friend charged him a few hundred dollars to fix those parts that he didn't ask to be fixed.
58. Even though he's cheap he spent more money on the rehearsal dinner for his wedding, than I did on my whole wedding.
59. His wedding was probably the fanciest wedding that I've been to. There was fancy food, the aforementioned Chinese dragons, and you even got to tour an art museum.
60. He's divorced now.
61. But he's engaged again and has guaranteed me that his next wedding will be much cheaper.


Tara said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying can keep going....


Tara said...

BTW - does he read your blog?

Brett said...

Yes, I read the blog! Don't believe a word this man says! It's all a ruse!

Tara said...