Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday Stuff

Last weekend, we celebrated my birthday. We went out for pizza, we ate some cupcakes, but best of all, I got a bunch of PRESENTS!!!

Some people have said that it's hard to think of good presents to buy me. I don't understand this at all. I think it's actually pretty easy. Just buy me some candy and I'll be happy.

Mrs. BigKat figured this out. She went to the Asian market and bought be a bunch of different Japanese candies. Here's what I got:

1) Some hard candies that look like little soda pop bottles (lemonade, cola, lime, and lemon flavored) that say 'shuwa shuwa' on them

2) Some soda pop flavored hard candy balls with interesting sugar filled centers

3) Some hard candies that taste like beverages called 'Cafe Latte', ' Dekavita', 'Dakara', 'CC Lemon', and 'Fruity Orange'

4) Some cola and drink...flavored chewy candies with extra chewy stuff in the middle. I mean really extra chewy. Like cola flavored cartilage...except delicious and not disgusting. These are called 'Miracle!'

5) Some marshmallow cat faces. On the package, it says 'Let's enjoy the new marshmallow generation !!' I tried one. The new marshmallow generation tastes a lot like a marshmallow.

6) Some peach gummy candies

7) Some fancy lemon drops.

8) Some Japanese things that look like Moon Pies.

9) 4 bottles of my favorite beverage...Calipis! (My mom also got me 2 more bottles)

LilKat2 also got me some Sour Patch Kids and Chewy Sweet Tarts.

And My-Friend-Who-Lies (MFWL) made a robot man out of Sour Pez!

So if you ever feel like you have to buy me a present, and don't know what to buy, just head to the candy aisle. You can't go wrong!

I also got some fun, non-candy presents. LilKat1 got me some running clothes. Mrs. BigKat got me some boardgames. And MFWL got me an Air Hogs Havoc Heli remote control helicoptor.

You know those moments in life where someone or something special enters your life. Where even though everything seems so new, you somehow have trouble imagining your life without them. Maybe it was when you fell in love with someone. Maybe it was when you got married. Maybe it was when you first became a parent...Anyhow, that's what it's like with me and my Havoc Heli.

It's really fun! I had trouble making it go forward at first. There's and up and down lever. And a spin around lever. But no forwards and backwards lever. I took a look on the internet and found a good tip. Just tape a little weight (I used a paper clip) to the front. That makes the nose go down and makes the helicopter move forward. I'm getting pretty good. Today, I took a break from work and flew the helicopter from the living room, through the archway to the family room, into the kitchen, through the maze of cookware hanging from the pot rack, through the doorway to the dining room, and back into the living room. Pretty impressive, huh?

Oh, and MFWL also got me a gift certificate so that I can whack golf balls at the driving range near my house. If you look at the picture of Sour Pez Man, his head is the gift certificate.


Tara said...

We're so glad you found deep and abiding love with your, uh, helicopter toy. I'm sure my Chris is going to want one now, too. :) And Happy Birthday!

BigKat said...

Oh, he should definitely get one!