Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ok, back by popular demand...more things about My-Friend-Who-Lies!

62. If he is a passenger in a car for more than 20 or 30 minutes, it is pretty much guaranteed that he will fall asleep.

63. We had a friend in school that would drive MFWL around in the back seat of his truck. When he saw that MFWL was asleep, he'd start making hard turns so the MFWL's head would bonk the window.

64. Once, MFWL had a girlfriend who took him to see a San Francisco 49er game. They lived in Southern California, so it was a pretty good drive to get up there (probably about 6 hours or so each way). They drove up, watched the game, and drove home all in one day. MFWL's girlfriend was driving back. She told him that it late and it was a long drive and she really wanted him to stay awake to keep her company. He fell asleep right when they hit the interstate and didn't wake up until they pulled into his apartment complex.

65. His mom owns her own store. She makes him work in the store sometimes. He hates this because not everything has prices on them and he doesn't know what to say when customers ask him how much things cost.

66. He ends up just telling them to come back later when his mom is working.

67. Once in college, he went to turn left out of the parking lot and onto the main road. The problem was, you couldn't turn left onto the main road, only right. There was a big island in the way that forced you to turn right. So he drove over the island so he could make his left turn.

68. In college, he bought an old helmet that used to be part of a video game. It has a funny red scope with crosshairs on it that went over your eye and a microphone that went in front of your mouth. He used to wear it around and go 'Fire! Fire! Fire!'

69. In college, we went out to a Mexican restaurant once. He ordered a hamburger and the waiter made fun of him.

70. He owns a complete set of Operation Desert Storm trading cards. But he's never opened them up because he's afraid that they'll go down in value (by the way, I took a look on ebay...the box is selling for just under $3).

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Tara said...

I must say - I sympathize with number 62. I do the same thing. And so does my brother. I think it must have to do with the fact that our parents drove us around in the car when we were babies to get us to fall asleep. :)