Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Last night Mrs. BigKat and I came back from our date to an empty house. My mom was supposed to be watching the boys, but there was no one home. I took a look outside and saw my mom by herself. She told me that the boys were down the street playing basketball with the big kids (some of the nice kids from this post) and they were having so much fun that they didn't want to come home. I walked down the street to go get the boys. Those nice big kids had lowered one of the hoops so that the LilKats could play on one side while they played on the other. I started to tell the boys that it was time to go home for bath time, but the 2 big kids said that they wanted to challenge me to a game of 1-on-2.

I was faced with a little dilemma. It was already late and the LilKats needed to get home. But at the same time, these neighborhood boys had just asked me to give them a beating. How could I refuse? I told the LilKats that they could play while I beat up on the other boys.

Oh it was fun! I think I ended up winning something like 16 to 8. I probably outweigh the biggest one by about 70 pounds, so I basically just backed them down and put up little hook shots right by the basket. And I provided colorful commentary.

When the boys and I got home, I got them ready for their shower while teaching them to sing 'We are the Champions' (which we sang several times to celebrate my victory).

The only bad part was, when I got downstairs, I heard my mom telling Mrs. BigKat that she had sent me out to bring the boys home, but when she looked to see what was taking so long, I was playing in the street instead of doing my job. Oh well, no matter how much people make fun of me, it doesn't take away the fact that I Am The Champiooooooooon...Of the WORRRLLLLLLLD!

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