Thursday, May 15, 2008

Game Room

I have a few boardgames that don't get a lot of play because they take too long. We normally play on our kitchen table, so any game we play has to be set up, played, and taken down all in one evening.
To solve this problem, we decided to set up a Game Room right off of our bedroom. All of my games are nicely displayed on shelves. And my neighbor gave me their old dining room table and chairs set to use (it's a very nice set, I think it's much nicer than the set in our kitchen). Now we can set up a game and leave it there until we're done with it.
Here's my room with Tide of Iron set up on the table:

Last night we started playing War of the Ring (it's a Lord of the Rings game that can take about 3-4 hours to play). We played for about an hour, and when it was time for bed, we just left it on the table. Nice! I've owned this game for a long time, and we've never been able to play because of the game length.
Here's a picture of our game in progress:


Tara said...

Now THAT is some serious gaming! :) You sure you don't need a support group for that?? LOL

BigKat said...

Yeah, I've got a few more games on order too...