Friday, January 18, 2008

What's It To Ya - Video

Mike Petty, the guy that wrote What's It To Ya, made a video that talks a bit about his game. In the video, he asks people to rate the following items from most important to least important:


The Internet


Leisure Time



Kind of fun to see how different people prioritize things in their lives. And it gives you a good idea of what the game is like. It's a pretty simple concept, but provides for a fun time and an opportunity to get to know things about people that you may not have known. Go check it out!

I thought I'd give my personal rankings for the items from the video as well. Think you can guess them? Ok, go grab a piece of paper and write down how you think I'd rate the items. Then scroll down and find out my actual rankings. GO!















Here's my list:

1) Truth - To me, truth is about what's real. It's about describing the ways in which all things in creation actually work. Without truth and the knowledge of things that are true, it becomes difficult to live our lives in meaningful ways.

2) Generosity - Being really generous begins with a component of selflessness, which is a key part of being a follower of Christ.

3) Leisure Time - I really enjoy the last few hours of the day, after the kids have gone to bed. Mrs. BigKat and I will play games or watch movies or make desserts or something. But mainly we'll just talk. Without that time, things would be pretty tough.

4) The Internet - Well, without the Internet, I wouldn't be able to work from home and I'd have to shop at mall (which I hate) rather than buy stuff online. It's nice being able to have a question about something, and then be able to just walk over to your computer and find the answer quickly. But it's a convenience and not a necessity.

5) Music - This probably would've been different several years ago. I just really don't listen to much music anymore. I remember when I was little and couldn't understand why old people didn't know any of the songs that I was listening to or even recognize the names of the popular singers at the time. Now I'm one of those old people. I suppose it might be different if I actually found some music that I liked. I like rap music, but really don't like the words in the music that's being put out right now that I've heard. So I end up not even looking around. And at church, the songs that we do are fine, but I always like it more when we sings some of the older hymns.


Anyhow, as a bonus, I thought I'd grab my What's It To Ya game and grab 5 random cards from it and rank those as well. Here we go:

(Ok, it wasn't totally random. One of the cards was The Internet, but since we just did that one, I switched it for another card.)





Toilet Paper


Ok, go grab your piece of paper again and see if you can guess my rankings. Scroll down when you're ready. GO!




















My rankings:

1) Food - Well, there's the obvious reason that we need food to live. But besides that, I just really enjoy preparing food. I'm interested in pretty much anything cooking related. Even if it's cooking something that I would not want to eat, I enjoy learning about it. The science of cooking fascinates me. I also like learning about the history of different foods. I just really like food. It's really one of my top interests. Food, boardgames, and basketball. If I had to pick an order for those 3, it would be pretty hard.

2) Toilet Paper - I know I put this above Mathematics and without Mathematics, there wouldn't be this important thing or that important thing. But you know what? Running out of toilet paper can really ruin your day.

3) Mathematics - Not a very interesting one. Kind of important in the same way that concrete is important.

4) Television - I used to watch more TV, so it might've been more important to me at one point. But I don't watch it so much anymore. Although, my kids do. And it does make things easier at times when I can put on a show that they like while I do something in the kitchen. Hmmm...maybe I should've put this at 3...

5) Psychology - Just not something that's very important to me.


So, did you get them all right?


Tara said...

Ok, where do i find this game again? I tried to find it at Toys R Us last night and couldn't? My trip to Toys R Us last night is ANOTHER story that involves Gabe FINALLY eating pizza, a whole slice not to mention his first bite, for the first time ever by the pickiest kid on the planet! Yea!!!!

BigKat said...

Unfortunately, you won't be able to find many of these types of games at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, or those types of stores. I get all of my games online.

For What's It To Ya, you can get this at

Another website that I check out when I'm looking to buy a game is Just type in the name of the game that you want and it'll list the prices at a bunch of different websites.

If you're interested in buying this game from Fairplay, let me know. I won a $5 coupon code that I can give you. It'll cover most of the shipping.

Pizza is one of the few things that everyone in our family will all eat for dinner. Actually, since spaghetti fell out of favor with the boys, it may be the only thing.