Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas: Epilogue

1) Mrs. BigKat picked up a fake Christmas tree on clearance at Target for $25. We're going to put this upstairs in the bonus room next year. We'll be opening all the presents up there in order to keep the downstairs less messy on Christmas Day.

2) I went back to Fred Meyers. They didn't want my money for the corn syrup.

3) We gave LilKat1's teacher a bunch of our homemade candy. She loved it. But apparently her husband ate a bunch of it, so we gave her some more when we made another batch.

4) I always forget to bring our checkbook to church. We like to tithe, so I end up having to make a large offering at the end of the year. This happens all the time. This year, I wrote a check and it took out most of our available money. Then we got the bill for Mrs. BigKat's MRI. It was about $1100. That's after the insurance portion, so it's all money that we need to pay. I'm thinking, wow, where are we going to get $1100? Well, right after that, I got a bonus check from work. Keep in mind that my boss is very tight with money and doesn't really do stuff like that. Anyhow, after taxes, it was about $100 more than enough to pay for the MRI. Amazing, huh?

5) Right now, I'm working on our end of the year movie. Last year, I was almost done with the 2006 movie, when my computer decided to eat it. It was incredibly frustrating. As a result, I haven't touched the 2006 movie since then. But I'm over it now (mostly), so this year's movie will include 2006 and 2007.

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Tara said...

Awesome about the tithe! And I'm with you on the video...Its 2008, I'm still working on the 2005-2006 video. Nice.