Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Part 7: The Song

LilKat1 and I got up early on Christmas morning. I wanted to get started on my cinnamon rolls, so I put a Christmas show on for him. At the end of the show, this song came on:


It's a song about Willy the Whale, who walks on the water and woams down to Weno, Nevada. LilKat1 loved the song. When LilKat2 came down, he heard the song and he really liked it too. But the one who could not get enough of it was PrincessKat. She wanted to hear it over and over and over. I think we listened to Willy the Whale a good 30 times on Christmas.

Now you'd think I'd get tired of hearing this song so many times in one day wouldn't you? Well, with a catchy tune and clever lyrics like:


"Willy, why you wanna wive-a

a-woamin' the desert,

When Willy, the fact is

you're a whale, not a cactus"




"Willy, why you wanna waste away

in Weno, Nevada

When all you underwater friends

are wondering where you're at-a"


it makes it not so bad.


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