Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Note for Dad

Every other Thursday, I have a Bible study group that I go to in the morning. I leave before the kids wake up, and I come home after they leave. I don't like missing them in the morning (one of my favorite parts of the morning is walking LilKat1 to the bus stop. Although, I think he kind of likes being able to go to the bus stop all by himself on those days), so I write them little notes before I go and leave them on the kitchen table for them to see when they eat breakfast. The notes will usually say something like 'Have a good day at school. I love you very much.' And I'll draw a little picture on them. From what Mrs. BigKat says, the boys really like getting these cards in the morning.

Well, last week, I was about to leave for basketball (I play at the church on Monday nights). And LilKat1 stopped me.

'Wait a second, Daddy!'

He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a small card and a marker and started writing. When he was done, he proudly gave me this:

Can you read it? It says:

Have a good (gud) day (da) at basketball (bascitbal)

I think that I like getting notes too.

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