Friday, April 4, 2008

What's It To Ya Video #3

Mike Petty has a new What's It To Ya video to check out. It explains a bit more about how to play the game and why it's fun.

So in honor of the new video, I thought I would do another of my own What's It to Ya posts. I've just got out my What's It To Ya game and pulled out 5 cards. Go get a piece of paper and guess how I'd rank the following...


When you're done, scroll down to see the answers...Go!

Here are my answers:
1) Respect - One of the most important values that we're trying to teach our kids. And it's also rule number 3 on my soccer team and in Sunday School (in case you were wondering what the rest are, they are 1) Listen 2) Follow Directions 3) Be Respectful and 4) Be a part of the Group. Later on in soccer, we added 2 more rules: 5) No Pushing 6) No Complaining).

2) Breakfast - I eat the same breakfast every day. I blend up 2 bananas, some frozen fruit, milk, honey, and juice. It is known in my house as Dad's 'Breakfast Drink'. If I don't eat this, my body doesn't like it so much.

3) Soap - I was going to put Email here. But I think it's just because we take soap for granted. You know, I'm thinking that maybe I should've put it at number 2. Because not being stinks!

4) Email - It seems like it should be higher. But there are just too many other good cards above it. Kind of like the NBA Western Conference.

5) Trees - Trees are good. I like trees a lot. They just can't compete with Respect, Breakfast, Soap, and Email. If this group of cards is the Western Conference, Trees are definitely the Blazers.

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Tara said...

The respect one was easy - the rest I see the logic, but fascinatingly subjective. Hmmm...I'm liking this game. :) I think we're definitely going to have to invest in it.