Sunday, April 20, 2008


LilKat2 is developing into a little boardgamer. Today, Mrs. BigKat took LilKat1 out on a date (donuts...mmm...), so I had some time by myself with LilKat2. All he wanted to do was play games. We started out with 2 games of Gulo Gulo. We followed this up with a game of Formula De Mini (one of my new games). And then we finished it off with a couple games of Monza. We started to play a game of Max, but PrincessKat woke up from her nap, so we had to put everything away. Too bad, because we also had Ave Caesar and Viva Topo on deck. If we were by ourselves, I think we probably would've played games all afternoon.
It's really fun being able to share one of the hobbies that I love so much with my son. Spending time together doing an activity that both of us enjoy so much is truly priceless. And he's only 3! I can't wait to see what kind of games we'll be playing together in the years to come.

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