Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where Amazing Happens

Watch this video. This is a video of me last night at basketball.



Did you see that? Pretty good shot, huh? Ok, that wasn't actually a video of basketball last night, but it was close. Instead of Jason Richardson making the shot, that was me. Except I spun to my left, not to the right. And there was only 1 guy guarding me at the end, not 2 guys. And my shot was from about 18 feet out and not 30. And it wasn't off of a missed free throw, it was after My-Friend-Who-Lies rolled the ball inbounds (there were only 3 seconds left, so he did the roll it up the floor thing so that I could get an extra second). And we weren't losing the game when I shot it, the score was tied. And it wasn't against the Mavericks, just some guys from church. And there wasn't a big crowd, just a guy keeping score and another guy.


But other than that, it was EXACTLY the same! I was even wearing my Warriors jersey (okay fine, it was a Baron Davis jersey and not a Richardson jersey, and it's blue and not orange. But still...)

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