Monday, February 18, 2008

Bulls Eye Ball - Update

I just read my previous post about Bulls Eye Ball and I must admit that I'm pretty disappointed. I don't feel like I really captured the simple yet exciting, addictive yet satisfying nature of Bulls Eye Ball. Let me put it this way. There are a few very good decisions that I look back on and say 'Wow, I'm really glad that I did that!' Here are some of them (in no particular order):


1) Became a follower of Christ.

2) Asked Mrs. BigKat to marry me.

3) Bought my Honda Ridgeline.

4) Moved to Oregon.

5) Became a Sunday School teacher.

6) Planted apple trees in the backyard.

7) Put a Sport Court in the backyard.

8) Bought a Green Machine so that I can ride with my kids.


Bulls Eye Ball is on this list. It is just that good of a game.

Here are some of the great things about Bulls Eye Ball:

1) The games are short: When you play '30 Second Blitz', you can't afford to make many mistakes. But if you mess up, your game is only 30 seconds long, so you get to try again right away. It's also nice for taking turns.

2) The game is built well: For a little plastic toy, it allows you to be quite competitive. The bouncing ramp is very consistent. You can really get in a good rhythm once you find the right bouncing technique. If the bounce was inconsistent at all, you wouldn't be able to hone your Bulls Eye Ball technique, and the game would be much less fun.

3) The scoring is all by sound: This may seem like a bad thing, not having a visual scoreboard, but it really adds a lot of tension to the game. Every time you score, it calls out your new total. But once you start scoring in the hundreds, it can't keep up with you. As you keep pouring in shots, the announcer keeps trying to say your score. But each new score forces him to interrupt himself, so he just goes 'One-one-one-one-one...' because he can't fit in 'one-hundred-twenty-whatever' between shots. So when your time runs out, you have to wait for him to announce your final score. It's kind of like the Oscars...but different.

4) You don't need to practice a ton to get pretty good. I want to learn to play guitar, but it seems like it takes a lot of practice. I've gotten pretty good at Bulls Eye Ball just by playing it here and there with LilKat2. And a lot of that has been done with him in my lap helping me play. Try practicing a guitar like that!

In conclusion, I love Bulls Eye Ball. It scratches an itch that I did not know I even had. I hope this update has given this great game the respect that it deserves. By the way, my new high score is 150 and LilKat2's is 36.

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