Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yellow Blood

LilKat2 had a bad dream the other night. We went to go check on him and he was sitting in bed crying. We calmed him down and I sat with him for a bit while he tried to settle himself back in bed. Here's our conversation:

Me: Did you have a bad dream?
LilKat2: No.
Me: Then what happened?


LilKat2: I have blood.

Me (a bit alarmed, and trying to quickly scan for blood in the dark): Blood? Where do you have blood?

LilKat2: Well...it's yellow...

Me (a little confused): Soooo....what do you need?

LilKat2: A tissue

Me: Ok, you got it
(gets LilKat2 a tissue)

So what I've learned is that if you don't teach your kids the words 'booger' or 'snot', you end up with Yellow Blood.

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