Tuesday, November 20, 2007


PrincessKat is a little over 1 year old. Here are some things that she can do:

1) Tell you what it is she wants by pointing and screaming.
2) Grab you and pull you to where she wants you to go.
4) Put her hands together when it's time to pray.
5) Dance when someone starts singing and dancing on tv.
6) Stand on things that were not meant to be stood on.
7) Give hugs.
8) Give kisses.
9) Chase kitties.
10) Play ball (LilKat2 and I played a game with her where LilKat2 would throw the ball to me, I'd hand the ball to PrincessKat, and she'd run over and give the ball to LilKat2).
11) Knock over blocks.
12) Wave.
13) Blow kisses.
14) Put stuff in her bucket and carry it around.
15) Sense that you are going to wipe her nose with a tissue and run away.
16) Respond to her name.
17) Drop whatever she's holding on the ground when you tell her that she's not supposed to have that (or sometimes run away when you tell her that she's not supposed to have that. I guess it depends on how much she wants it.)
18) Make her brothers laugh by sneaking up on Dad when he's lying down, sticking her fingers in Dad's nose and mouth, and pulling his face like it was a bowling ball.

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