Thursday, November 1, 2007


When I was little, tennis was one of the big sports in our family for some reason. My dad played a bit. He had a bunch of fancy tennis rackets. My uncle and aunt played a lot. I remember one time going with my dad to play a game of doubles against my uncle and my cousin. I was a bit intimidated, especially since I really didn't play tennis much at all. First of all, my cousin was older than me (still is actually), so he was 'big'. I even think he may have been a Teenager at the time. Second, tennis seemed very important to their family, so they played a lot. When they played doubles, they would actually run plays! My uncle would say something, and then they'd both run to the net. And then there was me, the kid who couldn't even serve properly (actually, I still can't serve).

I wasn't very good at tennis since I rarely played, but I did enjoy it. I also liked watching it, Wimbledon especially. For some reason, I liked rooting for John McEnroe. I remember getting really excited when he beat Bjorn Borg. I also remember watching Wimbledon at my aunt and uncle's vacation house in Santa Cruz and being shocked that this Boris Becker kid actually won Wimbledon. He can't win! He's not even seeded! McEnroe should win, not Boris Becker!

I don't follow tennis at all anymore, and I never play. But I just watched this commercial and it brought back a bunch of those goofy tennis memories.

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