Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Need Help

Me and Mrs. BigKat get a certain amount of personal spending money each month. It's our own monthly allowance. This is money that we use to buy whatever we want. But sometimes we make big purchases and we end up with negative money.

Last year, I was pretty bad. At one point, I ended up at -$700. It wasn't all stuff for me though! A lot of it was because I bought some extra things for Mrs. BigKat on Mother's Day and Christmas! There were also a bunch of things for the kids. But a lot of it was boardgames.

I did a pretty good job about not buying stuff this year, though, and as of yesterday, I had it whittled down to a mere -$200.

Then Cardhaus had a boardgame clearance sale.

I just spent about $200 on a huge pile of boardgames.

I need help...

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