Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bob Ross

When I was little, back when my cable channel changer was a big box with a row of 20 buttons, there was a time in the afternoon after 'Leave it to Beaver' and before G.I. Joe where there was nothing on TV. I had a choice between soap operas and this guy with poofy hair that painted pictures in 30 minutes, Bob Ross. Today, we don't get much chance to see Bob Ross. Between Tivo, Noggin, Nick Jr., Disney, PBS Sprout and Veggie Tales, there is always something on for our kids if they want to watch a show. In fact, there's probably a good 200-something things on. Well, yesterday, LilKat2 was watching a show and it ended. It must've been a PBS show because right afterwards, Bob Ross came on. I was in the kitchen and took a look to see what was going on, and there was LilKat2 lying on the ground watching Bob Ross paint a big blue patch of sky on the top of his canvas.

LilKat2: That's the sky...

Then Bob started painting another big patch of blue on the bottom.

LilKat2: That's the's deep, deep water...

I walked back into the kitchen, thinking how strange it was to see LilKat2 watching Bob Ross. I mean Bob Ross is the show that you watch when nothing else is on! You'd never flip through your Tivo menu and say 'Hey! We got a new Bob Ross! Let's watch it!' But LilKat2 was really enjoying himself.

Suddenly I heard LilKat2 say 'Dad! Come quick! He's making clouds!'

Sure enough, several 'happy little clouds' were forming as Bob patted the canvas with a round bushy brush. LilKat2 watched for a while. He got to experience Bob making 'little rolls of paint', 'playing games' with his mountains, smoothing things out with his two inch brush, having 'no pressure at all', and creating 'happy little mountains' in the background.

I'm not sure why, but I just thought it was so funny that he was enjoying the show so much. But he didn't get to see the finished product. About halfway through, he sat down at the kitchen table with his paper and markers and said 'I'm going to draw a mountain!'

I think it would've looked just like Bob Ross's mountain too, but I don't think they make washable markers in Titanium White.

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Tara said...

Oh, I remember watching Bob Ross, too, when nothing else was on! Oddly mesmerizing...he made it look so easy.