Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's a miracle!

So at Sunday School last week, I miraculously healed a little girl. When she woke up that morning, she said that her stomach hurt and that she didn't want to go to church. The family went anyhow, and she told her parents that she still didn't feel well. She wanted to stay in the main service with her parents and not go to Sunday School. They still brought her up to class. She walked in the room, saw me, and was immediately healed! She told her parents that she felt fine and joined the group. A miracle!

Ok, here's what really happened...I've been this little girl's Sunday School teacher for 2 years now. My class was the K/1st grade class. The little girl is now in 2nd grade so she thought that she was going to have a new Sunday School teacher. According to her mom, she was not happy about this at all. Well, things changed a bit and I am now the 1st/2nd grade teacher. When she saw that I was still going to be her teacher for another year, all her troubles for the day just disappeared. So apparently, I just made her year much better! Hearing stuff like this from parents really helps motivate me as a Sunday School teacher. I want kids to learn more about Jesus, to learn more about the Bible, things like that. But I think that it really helps when going to Sunday School is a place that they really look forward to going to.

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Tara said...

That is SO sweet!! And what a testimony to how God is using you in these children's lives.