Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deal of the Century!

I was on slickdeals.net last night and saw a great deal on basketball shorts. They were on sale for $6 each. Plus there was a 10% coupon and a free shipping coupon as well! I ended up buying 15 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts for $95! That's like $5.50 per item!

I was going to toss some stuff out of the shopping cart, but Mrs. BigKat made me buy everything. I don't buy clothes very often (some of my clothes are at least 10 years old. According to Mrs. BigKat, that's too long), so for some reason, it was important to her that I get a big pile of new clothes.

The really nice thing about basketball shorts is that because I work at home, they serve as my work clothes as well my basketball clothes. Plus they're made with stretchy waists so I can get really fat and still fit into them. Now I should be set for clothes until at least 2020.

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Tara said...

Laughing hysterically!! This is how my Chris's mind works, too. And even after clothes go past their wearability date, he keeps them to wear when doing yard work, until they have holes and I throw them in the trash. Maximum wearability.