Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not so green

Do you like Sun Chips? Well, PrincessKat does. She asked for a bag at the store the other day, so Mrs. BigKat bought it. However, this bag was a bit different from other bags we've purchased in the past. It was LOUD! Really LOUD! Like if-you-were-getting-some-chips-out-of-the-bag-you-couldn't-hear-the-person-next-to-you-talking loud.

One time I was trying to get some chips and LilKat2 scolded me because he said he couldn't hear the video game he was playing on the computer. Another time, Mrs. BigKat had to keep repeating what she was saying to me because I couldn't hear her over the bag crinkling (ok, fine...so maybe I was crinkling the bag on purpose to annoy her).

It turns out that there's a reason that the bag is so crinkly. It's a specially designed compostable bag. Instead of throwing away the bag, you're supposed to be able to put it in your composter. Wow! Seems so environmentally friendly!

Well, the funny part is that Mrs. BigKat couldn't stand the loud crinkling. So you no what she did? She took out the chips and put them in a big plastic ziploc bag. The company spends all this time and money designing a fancy schmancy compostable bag to reduce waste, and my wife gets rid of all that work with her non-compostable plastic bag. For some reason, I really got a kick out of this.

However, she is still planning on putting the Sun Chips bag in the composter!


Amy Christine said...

I don't know if you remember me or not, but I used to post at ILJ three hundred years ago. I was arielgirl over there. I found your blog because Vinnie told me you had a Facebook blahblahblah. Anyway, I just dealt with this Sun Chips thing recently. It bothered me so much that I emailed them! I told them it was disruptive and annoying and the only reason I still bought them was because of my husband. This was their response

Hi Amy,

Thank you for contacting Frito-Lay about our new SunChips package. I'm mailing you a coupon which should arrive in about a week.

We are breaking new ground with packaging made from renewable plant-based materials. It's designed to fully decompose in about 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin or pile.

Yes, it is noisier than our current packaging. We like to think of the noise as "making a step in the right direction for the environment." You eat the chips, the earth eats the bag and we all live in a cleaner world. For more information about the compostable package and our healthier planet initiatives, please visit www.sunchips.com.

Your comments are important and please know they will be shared with our packaging and marketing teams. We consider you a valued consumer and hope you will continue to enjoy snacks from Frito-Lay.

Best regards,

Frito-Lay Consumer Affairs

Now any time my husband eats them and I get annoyed his reply is: "I'm making a step in the right direction!"

BigKat said...

Amy! Of course I remember you! It's great hearing from you again!

I think I'm going to have to steal the line about the Sun Chips when I'm annoying my wife by crinkling the bag. That's too good.

Hope to hear from you again soon!