Friday, January 16, 2009

Clearance Day 2009

About this time last year, Target put a bunch of stuff on clearance and I was able to get a big pile of toys. They put their stuff on clearance yesterday, so Mrs. BigKat was able to go down and snag a few toys for not so much money.
There weren't as many interesting things as last year, but I did manage to get a remote control flying bug for only $10. 

I also got a boardgame to play with the boys: Spy Trackdown: Find-the-Enemy Strategy Game. From what I understand, it's kind of like that old game Stop Thief, which was one of my favorites as a boy. 
It's probably not a game that I would choose to play with Mrs. BigKat, but it looks like a fun activity to do with the boys. I think they'll like it. It was just over $6.

And from what I can hear down the hall, LilKat2 is very much enjoying his new Shake 'n Go Batwing Flyer. It was under $5.

Oh, PrincessKat just came and showed me a new dolly. Not sure what it is or how much it costed. But she's quite happy with it.

So nothing super-spectacular this year. But I did hear a rumor that they have Yahtzee Free for All for just over $2. Now that's a deal! If you happen to be at Target, take a look at the game aisle and pick one up.

Edit: Ok, apparently the dolly that PrincessKat got was a Little Einstein's June doll that she's been wanting for a VERY long time. The original price was over $20 and Mrs. BigKat was not willing to pay that much. But I guess she was ok with it for $5.


Count Your Blessings said...

I missed the sale this year. Darn! I showed up and there was no clearance at all! (sob!)
But that's OK, we haven't even used up the stash from last year yet..

BigKat said...

Seems like other places didn't have as good clearances either. Last year, we got a bunch of nice Lego vehicles for under $5 each (regular $20-25) off of Amazon. Anytime one of our kids went to a birthday party, we whipped out a Lego vehicle. It worked really well. I was hoping that I'd find something like that again this year, but never saw anything.