Friday, October 17, 2008


This was a first for me...

I just got a call from a telemarketer. He started to tell me about this insurance offer. I quickly told him that I didn't want it.

But instead of trying to keep me on the phone by telling me more, he just said 'Oh...thank you...' And he sounded so sad. Really forlorn. Like a kid who just dropped his ice cream cone. Or when you're at an amusement park and you accidentally let go of your balloon. Or like when my buddy looked down during our college graduation ceremony and realized that they had spelled his name wrong on his diploma. I almost wanted to say 'It's ok...Go ahead and tell me your offer.'

But I didn't.

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Tim P. said...

Attention Harvey Mudd Registrar's Office: It's spelled P-R-E-U-S-C-H not Pruesch