Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sunday School Comment of the Day

Last Sunday, we had a couple of special guests come in and talk to our Sunday School class. They are missionaries who have been living in Albania. They were talking about the other missionaries that they work with who come from countries around the world. Which lead to this exchange with one of the kids:


Guest Speaker: ...and these missionaries come from many different countries, England, Finland, the United States, Korea...

(boy raises hand)

Guest Speaker: Yes, in the back, do you have a questions?

Boy: Have you asked the people from Korea if they have nuclear weapons?

Guest Speaker: Ummm...well, we don't really talk much about political things like that. And these missionaries are from South Korea and not North Korea.

Boy:Oh...South Korea...Did you know that the people of South Korea play more video games than anyone else in the world?


Kids are funny.

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